Automatic Carbonated Beverage Mixing Machine

Automatic Carbonated Beverage Mixing Machine


Carbonated beverage mixing machine structure reasonable, the mix precision is high, CO2 mixes fully, has two times of cooling, two carbonation merits. Mainly is suitable for kinds of carbonic acid drink’s mix processing, also may use in the paste drink, the fermentation drink and so on other soft drinks’ mix processing.


1.Every selects the high quality stainless steel manufacture with the drink contact spot, the inside、outside surface passes through precisely polishing processing, completely conforms to the international food requirement.

2.Automaticity high, the movement is stable:
This machine through the microcomputer control production operation entire process, the movement is stable; if breaks down, the alarm device can prompt and the automatism stop.

3.The ease of operation, easy to adjust:
This machine operation is starting button in turn according to the stipulated procedure, then realizes the normal operation; Does not need to replace any spare part, namely can very conveniently adjust the productivity or mixture ratio of the water and sugar.

4.Mixes evenly, the proportion is accurate:
Because uses the disposable mix the advanced craft, therefore the mix is even; proportion of the water and the syrup mixture is controlled by the fine tuning function measurement installment strictly, its mix precision may achieve about 5/1000

5.The CO2 content is high:
This machine uses the vacuum deaeration, the deaeration rate reaches as high as above 90%; Has the deaeration, the carbonized two cooling function, has the function which two time carbonizes, Therefore air content is specially high, usually may achieve 3.5 ~ 4.5 time or higher somewhat.

6.The structure health, easy to clean:
This machine uses the loop system which the stainless steel makes, has satisfies the CIP home position purifier carries on to the equipment and the pipeline disappears the venom and the hot water clean ability; This machine production drink, each milliliter bacterium reproduction rate < 5%, the Escherichia coli is zero.


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